Music Rescue formerly PodUtil

Your own  music library is very loved. It has your favourite tracks from your loved artists, your everyday music to help you wake up in the morning while on the way to work, or help you relax when you are coming back. It helps you work out and have a great party, after all music is a big part of a daily life. The sad part is usually your music library is stored in one place so if your computer suddenly decides it does not want to work anymore you can get at least some of those precious playlists back. However iTunes does have a limitation of transferring or recovering the media back to the computer that was bought from the iTunes Store to the new computer. Those old tracks that you have got from other means will not come back.

This can be a disaster but thankfully Music Rescue is here to help you but letting you copy your videos, music, audio records, audiobooks and podcasts back to your iTunes or your computer.


Music Rescue Features

  • Copies music and videos from an iPod to your computer.
  • Can add tracks back to iTunes and rebuild playlists.
  • Compares iPod contents to local iTunes library and transfers if necessary.
  • All current iPods and iPhones are supported.
  • Customisable rules to control what should be copied.
  • Simple restoration with QuickRecover mode.


Supported platforms

Music Rescue will work on Windows and on a Mac. Music Rescue for Windows works just the same as the Mac version, and the interface is identical apart from the slight platform specific styling.

Play the music from device direcly to the pc

The Music Rescue utility has a built in music player that will let you play your music and videos on your computer straight from your device.

Unfortunately this bit of software is no longer availabe as the company developing it has closed. However do look around the internet it may be available somewhere else.

Due to the close of the company the licence support has been closed. There is now a single backup licence that can be used to use the software and it can be found below. The licence details are stored on the device which makes it easier to move it between computers.


  • Name: Music Rescue
  • License Key: D148-B24D-EROL-9F4B